About Us

We’re an award-winning premium snack manufacturer, based in the South West of the UK. Our emphasis is on premium quality, but with a real edge to our flavours and product options.

Our premium snacks

We produce a growing range of brand, licensed and private label snacks, driven by our ambition to deliver premium quality snacks with exceptional taste and flavour

Our thick-cut British potato chips are hand-cooked in Devon, using locally sourced Red Tractor Assured potatoes. We deliver real taste and proper crunch, seasoned with the best flavours around. Our Lentil Waves offer a lower calorie alternative using the same authentic flavours.

What we stand for

We like to keep things simple here at Burts Snacks, so we have a few principles we like to stick to when it comes to making our crisps and snacks.

We’ll always aim to use the best quality ingredients, sourced locally, to reduce our impact on the environment. Our Burts team of talented fryers and poppers hand-cook our snacks, so there’s real love given to our products. And we aim to innovate when it comes to brand new flavour combinations.

How our snacks are made

All our snacks are prepared and cooked in small batches, so they get the true care and attention our customers expect from our premium products.

Chips and lentil snacks are hand-cooked in the highest quality sunflower oil, one batch at a time in purpose-built fryers. All our bags are stamped with the name of the Master Fryer who cooked the snacks. It’s our way of celebrating our craft, but it’s also a seal of authenticity.

Bursting with flavour

We think bold new flavours are key to our success, so we’re constantly looking for new ways to bring the perfect seasoning and flavour to our growing range of snacks.

When it comes to unique flavours, we’re the ones to beat. We’ve got chillies from South Devon, beef from Buckfastleigh and British Chorizo from Topsham, using these local ingredients to create flavours as diverse as Firecracker Lobster, Levi Roots Reggae Reggae and Guinness® stout crisps.

A great place to work

Our people are the heart of the business, so we believe in hiring the best talent from our local communities. It’s this team spirit that helps us build the right workforce.

We look for people with a ‘can-do attitude’ and provide our employees with the working environment, training and company benefits to keep them engaged with the Burts Snacks vision – delivering premium snacks, with a taste of innovation and always with the customer at heart.

Corporate Social Responsibility

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Team Leadership

Meet the team that’s driving the ongoing success of Burts Snacks